ECON 2630: Principles of Macroeconomics
TR 12:30-13:45
DeBartolo Hall 358

Dr. Ou Hu
Room 313, DeBartolo Hall
Office Hours: 10:00 - 11:00,TR; 12:30 - 14:30,W

Syllabus; Introduction to Packback;Stocks Essay Contest
Review of Midterm Exam; Review of Final Exam
SAS ranks among the most valuable career skills; SAS, the market leader in analytics
Practice Problems:PP_1;PP_2; PP_3;PP_4;PP_5 ;PP_6;PP_7; PP_8;PP_9; PP_10;PP_11
Answers to Practice Problems:PP_1a;PP_2a; PP_3a;PP_4a;PP_5a ;PP_6a;PP_7a; PP_8a;PP_9a; PP_10a;PP_11a
Lecture notes: Topic1,Topic2, Topic3,Topic4, Topic5,Topic6, Topic7,Topic8, Topic9,Topic10
Macroeconomic news and supplementary materials:
  1. Macroeconomic Relevance ---
  2. Consumer Price Index ---
  3. Economic growth ---
  4. Government budget ---
  5. International Economics ---
  6. Macroeconomic policy ---
Useful Links: